Hearing Professionals

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Beyond the Device

earVenture is for hearing professionals who want to be in control of their own clinical, professional and business destinies. earVenture is much more than a product supplier. We go beyond the device to supply ideas, resources and technologies that help hearing professionals and their patients succeed. Our business model was developed in collaboration with the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, the leading national organization dedicated to autonomy and best clinical and business practices in audiology—and IntriCon, a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of high-quality, hearing instruments and components.

We recognize the critical role that hearing care professionals play in helping people to hear better. For this reason, earVenture will never allow its products to be sold over-the-counter or direct-to-consumers. earVenture hearing instruments are exceptionally simple and simply exceptional. They provide unprecedented value that allow hearing professionals to compete in any environment and to provide better access to hearing care for value-conscious patients, without sacrificing quality or service. earVenture will also deliver a tangible return on inVestment to the profession of audiology. A portion of the profits from every earVenture purchase will be used to directly support ADA initiatives that foster professional autonomy and best practices for audiologists.

When you choose earVenture, you choose a partner in patient care. Our products allow you to deliver affordable, comprehensive, high-quality hearing healthcare solutions, which emphasize best practices in diagnosis and treatment to today’s consumer.

earVenture allows you to reinVent your model of care on your terms.
  • Itemize services with lower risk or bundle with more success using value-driven products and reimbursement models that offer more flexibility for you and your patients.
  • earVenture in collaboration with the Academy of Doctors of Audiology will provide information and resources to help you incorporate earVenture’s products and recommended protocol with private pay and third party reimbursement. earVenture helps you keep the pro in proVocative hearing solutions.
  • If you are considering dispensing PSAPs, here is a high-quality FDA-registered alternative in the same price range. This allows you to offer a provocative solution that fully complies with existing regulations and offers the patient the piece of mind that the hearing aid has met FDA standards for a hearing aid that is marketed for the treatment of hearing loss.
  • Your professional diagnosis, verification and fitting protocol will ensure a better outcome using this hearing aid than with an unregulated device.
earVenture helps you leVel the playing field.
  • Compete more effectively with big-box, over-the-counter and online retailers without deviating from best clinical or business practices.
  • Use earVenture products to expand your overall product mix so that you can offer a quality entry level solution from which many patients may later graduate to more complex technology.
earVenture expands the entire market by offering opportunities to access and serve consumers/patients in underserved and never-served segments.
  • Rather than reallocating pieces of the existing pie, earVenture actually makes the pie bigger.
  • Our products, including *faVor, *reVel and *saVvy offer simple, high-quality, streamlined technology with the features that matter most.
  • Supports best practices by offering a product that can still deliver a profit in the Medicaid and insurance spaces.
earVenture’s cleVer business model is designed to provide a return on inVestment back to the profession of audiology.
  • A portion of the profits from earVenture will support the mission of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology to support initiatives that foster best practices and professional autonomy for audiologists.
earVenture’s focus on outcome-based features has enabled us to create products and services that are exceptionally simple and simply exceptional.
  • Limited, simple, high-quality product and service offerings that upend the status quo
  • A complete model of care that emphasizes the importance of the role of the hearing professional
  • No paid sales force
  • No direct to consumer advertising or sales
Understated design. Unprecedented value. InnoVation beyond the device.