Frequently Asked Questions: Service & Warranty

How long is my standard device warranty?
Every earVenture device comes standard with a one year warranty. The standard device warranty is one year from the date of sale to your patient. We allow 14 months from the date of the original purchase to ensure that you have adequate time to fit your patient before their warranty begins. Any device not fit within this time frame must have authorization from earVenture to amend the warranty dates.

How do I send a hearing device back for repair?

You don’t. In order to keep costs low and customer satisfaction high we offer an immediate replacement program of all exchanges and repairs, both in and out of warranty. You simply replace the device in question with a new instrument from your stock. You then fill out the exchange instrument form and return the form and instrument back to earVenture. A new device will be sent out to replace the one you exchanged. Your patient leaves your clinic with a replacement device in the same office visit.

Does earVenture accept returns for credit?
No. But any device can be exchanged with a like model following the same process that you would for a device in need of repair.

Can I extend the warranty?
Absolutely. You can purchase an extended service warranty for the second and third years. Just go to “services and warranties” under the earVenture store in the main drop down menu, select the service warranty extension option that you would like. Remember to fill out the warranty request form and submit it for processing.

How much time do I have to purchase an extended service warranty or loss and damage warranty?

You have six months from the date of purchase to add an extended service or loss and damage warranty.

Are there any charges applied when I need to exchange a device after the first year?
Yes, there is a $30 processing fee. You will need to select the “Warranty Processing Fee” found in Services and Warranties. There charge is for processing and shipping your exchanged device.

What are my options for Loss and Damage warranties?
You have a variety of loss and damage warranty options. Just go to the Services and Warranties under the earVenture store option in the main drop down menu and select the warranty option that you would like. Remember that you must also order the same year service warranty option with your loss and damage selection.

Is there a processing fee for a loss and damage replacement?

Yes. The processing fee is $99. When processing a replacement for loss and damage, you must purchase the “Loss & Damage Processing Fee” first, and then fill out the Loss & Damage Form.

How do I handle an out of warranty repair?
Just like a warranty repair. It is processed like an exchange with a similar device from your stock. Select the “out of warranty repair” option from “service and warranties” and remember to fill out the repair form and submit it with the unit that you are returning for exchange.