Additional Support

How do I contact earVenture?
There are multiple methods to contact earVenture. As a valued customer, we want to make sure that we are available to assist as needed.
Please review the following ways to contact us.

Contact Form
You can use the online contact form to send us an inquiry.

You can also chose to email us directly.
Customer Service

Can I chat with earVenture online?
Absolutely. On the top of the earVenture website, you see either a "Chat" or "Help" tab. If you see Chat, one of our representatives is ready to answer your question(s). If you see Help, that means are representatives are offline momentarily and you can ask your question via email.

Enter your name and email and submit your question. Once you submit your question keep your chat window active until you receive our reply. Your chat window will stay open even if you are changing pages on the earVenture website. We will respond to your question just as soon as we can.

Software Download
Go to the main drop down menu under the “earVenture store” and you will find a link to download our fitting software, called Software Download.

You can also request our fitting software on a USB drive by going to “ Accessories” and then “Software (USB Drive).”