Marketing Checklist

A few easy, proactive actions that you can start doing today!!

List earVenture on your website

Do you have a list of hearing aid brands on your website? If you do, don't forget to add earVenture as a brand! If you have images of other brands, be sure to grab the earVenture logo here.

Announce earVenture

Through your website, newsletter, or social media page, announce that you now have a low-cost hearing aid brand - earVenture!

Like us on Facebook

Like earVenture on Facebook and get connected. This will enable you to share information onto your own Facebook page with the click of a button.

Who is your Audience?

Before thinking about attracting a new audience, think about past individuals who have stopped in your store. Has there been an individual who came in and then walked out because they (a) were unsure if they wanted to get hearing aids or (b) couldn't afford what you had to offer? If the answer is yes, is there a way you can still contact those individuals? Send them a letter or e-mail to let them know that you have a new product that can help their hearing!

For attracting old and new audience, move to the next section below about how to marketing earVenture.

How to Market earVenture

How can you advertise earVenture products without hindering the sales of your other products? The idea behind earVenture is to give access to those who may not be a typical buyer, due to the cost of hearing aids. Know your audience and what is important to them. Use earVenture hearings to target consumers looking for these types of hearing aids.

Affordable Aids

Price is often a factor in deciding whether or not an individual purchases a hearing aid that they need. With earVenture, if a consumer would rather walk away than look at an expensive hearing aid, talk about earVenture's options in hearing aids.

Alternative Aids

There are many individuals who have hearing aids, and opt out to wear them in a certain setting - often outdoors - because they are afraid of losing them or breaking them. No one should not be able to hear just because they are too afraid to have to buy a new one. Talk about earVenture hearing aids as the alternative option. Leave the expensive hearing aid at home, and bring the earVenture hearing aid instead!

Gap Aids

After having invested in hearing aids, when a consumer is faced with purchasing a new one, the idea of re-investing can be daunting. Instead of purchasing a new one, they might decide that they might not need it. earVenture can be used to fill in the gap years until they are comfortable buying a new hearing aid.

Gateway Aids

There are many individuals who need hearing aids, but are unsure about the need of them, the cost of them, or the comfort of them. earVenture's hearing aids are great introduction devices when a costumer is still new to hearing aids, at a price that will not scare them away. Think of your younger customers who would rather "wait until they are older" to purchase the expensive hearing aids. They no longer need to wait!

Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Tip 1

Know which Social Media outlet to use:

  • Facebook is great because you have a dedicated page for your company and your updates are all in one area. Through Facebook, your followers are more likely to check on your business page for updates.

  • Twitter is good to post news, but because it's always updating. Twitter users rarely look at a company's page - they depend more on the live feed and hashtag feed.
  • If you have blog on your website, this is a great way to go in depth on the earVenture brand and what it offers your patients. This is great to link to newsletters to your patients.

Tip 2

Share! Encourage your followers on all types of social media platforms to share your content. The more they share, the more eyes will see it. "Likes" on Facebook will also increase viewership.

Tip 3

Post frequently. The most you post through social media, the most times people will think of you, and what you're posting.

Tip 4

Paid advertising. If you are looking to gain new customers, consider paid advertising on social media. Through advertising, you are able to reach individuals who are not in your circle. However, if you are using paid advertising, make sure you read all of the social media guidelines to get a good understanding of what you are paying for!!! And make sure you are offering new customers a reason to "click."