Frequently Asked Questions

What is earVenture?
earVenture was established in 2015 and offers products, ideas and technologies that are changing the paradigm of value-driven hearing healthcare delivery. Our goal is to deliver innovative resources and technology to audiologists so that they can employ the models of care of their choice to ensure exceptional outcomes and value for patients.

Why does earVenture exist?
Our Purpose—Turn the existing model of hearing healthcare upside down and create unprecedented value for every stakeholder.
Our Passion—Deliver innovative ideas, resources and technologies to audiologists, so they can deliver better outcomes for patients.
Our Process—Deliver a product and service mix that will allow you to thrive in any market.
Pay Forward—Invest in ADA’s mission-drive initiatives that support best clinical and business practices and professional autonomy for audiologists.

Does earVenture sell directly to consumers?
earVenture believes that the role of audiologist is essential to positive patient outcomes. We are committed to ensuring patient access to the full continuum of hearing care, which combines streamlined hearing technology with the professional audiology services required to achieve better outcomes and better hearing.

For these reasons, earVenture does not employ directly to consumer sale opportunities. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, please contact your audiologist for a complete evaluation. Only your audiologist can determine if earVenture products are right for you. To find an audiologist in your area, please visit

How is earVenture's pricing so competitive?
earVenture can keep its prices lower due to its revolutionary business model. We do not maintain a paid sales force, and do not advertise or sell directly to consumers. Our individual product offerings are also limited to reduce cost. Product training is handled online and on-demand via video and textual resources.

Who owns earVenture?
earVenture is jointly owned by IntriCon and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), both committed to delivering value-based and outcome oriented hearing solutions for practitioners and patients.

How does earVenture support audiology?
A portion of every dollar we make is pledged to support initiatives that foster best practices and professional autonomy for audiologists.