Consumer Information

earVenture understands that, while hearing aids can be very important tools in the treatment of hearing loss, they are only one part of an effective plan of care. In order to succeed, patients must have access to a full continuum of exceptional, affordable hearing health care, which combines streamlined hearing technology with the professional audiology services required to achieve better outcomes and better hearing.

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, make an appointment with an audiologist to receive a thorough evaluation and to identify potentially serious underlying medical conditions. earVenture does not permit the sale of its hearing aids directly to consumers. The purchase and use of a hearing aid without a proper examination, diagnosis and counseling is a recipe for poor treatment outcomes and increased risks. Key risks of omitting an evaluation and treatment by a licensed audiologist or hearing healthcare professional include the missed diagnosis of a serious underlying health condition that requires medical intervention and subsequent hearing loss as a result of improper fitting and/or programming of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are not always the recommended course of treatment, even when hearing loss is detected through a comprehensive examination. However, when prescribed and programmed by an audiologist, hearing aids do provide exceptional results for the treatment of many types of hearing loss.

earVenture, working in collaboration with audiologists, offers FDA-registered, programmable hearing aids that are designed for patients seeking real value and quality solutions for their hearing needs. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, check with your audiologist to determine if these solutions are right for you.

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