earVenture as a Low Cost Solution for Patients or Your Practice

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Hearing aid purchase costs, for both the provider and patient, have been steadily increasing. Many audiologists are unable to obtain quality devices at costs comparable to what big box or government entities pay for the same products. A 2013 Hearing Review survey indicated that the average price of hearing aids to the consumer was $2363 per aid. That means, if we use the traditional pricing formula favored by many audiologists, the average device cost to the audiologist is between $945 (two and half times invoice) to $1182 (two times invoice) per aid. earVenture offers a quality, low cost solution for use in these types of situations.

The earVenture devices offer the most important hearing aid features for enhanced patient performance and success: eight channels, noise suppression, feedback management, directional microphones and a telecoil.

The hearing aids can be dispensed as either a bundled service, where the items/services surrounding the hearing aid fitting are billed to the patient under a single code, or unbundled service, where the items/services surrounding a hearing aid fitting are billed to the patient individually, using separate codes.

Bundled billing can be useful in practices where the provider wants to either maximize their profit or offer a low cost alternative to their patients. Unbundled billing could allow you to bring patients into your practice and fit hearing aids at prices comparable to many high-end personal sound amplifiers, hearables or hearing aids available from online retailers. The low cost of goods that the earVenture device affords, as well as the a la carte repair and warranty options, allows for greater flexibility in price and delivery options for both you and your patients.

Description of Service CPT or HCPCS Code
Hearing Aid V5257 (monaural) or V5261 (binaural)
V5264 (custom earmold) or V5265 (dome) Earmold/insert
Unbundled Audiometry for a hearing aid S0618 or 92557
Hearing Aid V5257 (monaural) or V5261 (binaural)
Earmold/insert V5264 (custom earmold) or V5265 (dome)
Hearing aid examination and selection 92590 (monaural), 92591 (binaural) or V5010
Electroacoustic analysis, if provided 92594 (monaural) or 92595 (binaural)
Dispensing fee V5241 (monaural) or V5160 (binaural)
Hearing aid fitting and orientation V5011
Verification, if provided V5020
Batteries V5266 times number of batteries provided
Accessories, if provided V5267 with each accessory as separate line items
Hearing aid follow-up within evaluation and adjustment period 92592 (monaural), 92593 (binaural) or V5011
Hearing aid follow-up/check visits once aids are accepted, or 92592 (monaural), 92593 (binaural) or V5011
Long-term service plan once aids are accepted V5299